Beldibi Cave

Beldibi Cave

BELDİBİ: 25 km to the west of the provincial center of Antalya, "Olympos Beydağları Coastal National Park" within the four thousand acres of an elongated plain is deployed on the plain. The remains of the ancient city of Marma are located on the land above the lake right beside the Kocasu source on the ground. The area where the remains are covered with dense forests. Some of the remains of ancient buildings are just above a mass of rock on the slope. There is not much information about excavation and research in the city.

Beldibi Cave in the region is one of the most visited natural beauties of the region

This cave is known as a rock-bottom sanctuary located at the exit of the Çamdağ tunnel approximately 40 kilometers from Antalya-Kemer coastal road. 25 m from the sea shore. The cave was heavily damaged by natural destruction and the filling layers inside it drifted with rain water and wind.

The Beldibi Cave, surrounded by pine forests, has been used as a refuge by the hunters in the history and as a place of residence. There are abundant amounts of lighters and tools in the cave. These include micro-pens, aylar, handled tips, handled knives and arrowheads, sickle-knife objects of great interest.

Beldibi; Today it is considered as one of the most important tourism centers of our country with its nature, citrus products, walking paths, daily picnic areas, many hotels, holiday villages, tourist facilities and shopping centers around.

Topçam Beach in the pine forests on the grounds is one of the most popular beaches.
Located 15 km west of Antalya city center in the pine forests, the beach is also an ideal place for amateur divers. Against the Rat Island lies.

After passing Topçam Beach, there are Küçük Çaltıcak, Büyük Çaltıcak, Beldibi, Kızıltepe Mocamp Facilities, Kemer Cove, Phaselis and Çıralı Beaches, where you can go everywhere in the sea.

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